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       In the past ten years,in the constant change of world, China's economic development achievements have attracted worldwide attention. FUAN develop from nothing, change from weak to strong, seizing the Reform and Opening up of the great development opportunities. We constantly improve our pursuits and goals, adhere to the practice of learning and summary of the law, and continue to make progress.

      We hope to realize the vision of "industry serves the country" with our own efforts,  to become a company with dream, trust and respect, focusing on the medical field and taking social responsibility.

      We know that achieving our vision will not happen overnight, FUAN peple need to untiringly struggle and pass down through generation. We are determined and ready to work hard. Concentration, professionalism and concentration on medicine are the consistent codes of conduct for us to practice our dreams and hopes, and will be our core competence.

      We wish that FUAN can provide more quality medicines for the well-being of the people ; provide a stage to show employees’ talents and realize their dreams; and bring satisfactory returns to investors and partners,  in the process of realizing the company's vision.

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