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                                                          Chairman’s speech
             Last 10 years, with the change of world, the economic development of China makes remarkable achievements. Fuan Pharmaceutical developed from nothing, from weak to strong, which benefit from the good development opportunity, Reform and Openness, also benefit from our continuous improvement of pursuit and goal, and our insisting on studying and summarizing law in practice.
We hope that we can achieve the vision of industry severing the country by our striving, hope to become a company, having a dream, being reliable, being respected, concentrating on medicine and being brave in taking social responsibility.
           It is known for us that the vision cannot be achieved in the short term, it needs several generations of Fuan’s staff to strive for this vision from generation to generation, however, we once determine to contribute to this vision, we have been ready for strive and struggle. Being concentrated, professional and devotional in producing good drug is the consistent rules which contribute to realizing our dream and hope, also is our core competence. 
We hope that we can offer more guarantee and improvement for public’s well-being, offer the stage to exploit their talent and realize their dream for all of our staffs, bring high returns for investors and all cooperators, in the course of realizing our vision

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