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Company Address: Boxwood Road, Yuzhong District
Postal Code: 401121
Sales Hotline 023 -68,572,543

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  Our company was founded in July 1992, is mainly engaged in pharmaceutical wholesale distributor antibiotic drugs companies; Registered Address: Chongqing New North Zone, Renhe Town, Hi-tech Park, A-1-3. Business scope: chemical agents, antibiotics, bulk drugs and their preparations, Chinese medicines, chemical drugs, biological products. The company employs 25 people total, pharmacy related professional college degree or above 10 people, pharmacy-related professional secondary education are 10 people, including pharmacists a person, a person pharmacists practicing pharmacists 2 people. Pharmacy professional and technical personnel accounting for 17% of total number of employees. Was a professional, knowledgeable, young team; is a cohesive, affinity, positive team. The company "quality first, customer first" business philosophy; to "seize the market with quality, retain customers with sincerity."
  In December 2003 the company obtained the "pharmaceutical quality management standard certification certificate", according to the relevant provisions of GSP establish sound quality management systems, procedures and various job responsibilities. The company set up a quality management institutions, responsible for the quality of people served by a licensed pharmacist, under a quality management group and the inspection group. Company's existing business premises 35 m2, office and ancillary area of 115 square meters, warehouse area of 550 square meters, of which 115 square meters cool library, room library 304 m2, acceptance curing room 20 square meters, 15 square meters cold storage activities . Company equipped with air conditioners, dehumidifiers, detector clarity, thousandth scale, standard color solution such acceptance conservation instruments; also set up a special drug loading and unloading area. For logistics and distribution, the company can do the main city sent home within 24 hours. Strict pharmaceutical quality control, management quality accidents so far no case of complaints.
  In today's pharmaceutical industry is rapidly increasing competition and pressure of the situation, we will, as always, the national GSP requirements to regulate our behavior, Bing Chengqin science, Shansi, unity, work hard concept to innovative ideas to change our thinking, and strive to become bigger, stronger, well, do have the operating strength of the pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises.

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