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On June 28, 2010 to June 29 in XianNvShan organized a half day training

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In June is low in XianNvShan organized our company half a day training, and the collective all of us in training under the coach of the incentive and punishment, mutual cooperation, help each other, encourage each other to complete most of the development project; But also because of our collective consciousness did not reach a certain height, cause we have a project was not completed. Although regret, but it gives us inspiration lesson than the successful completion of the project more profound and more powerful.
Expand training, the collective project let us feel another realm, it makes the collaboration, obedience, trust, loyalty, love, wisdom, calm, indomitable, strategies, such as teamwork reflect incisively and vividly. When rely on the team's wisdom and strength through the minefield, climb over the wall to escape, ?

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