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On December 18, 2009, chongqing medicine and chemical industry association of th

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On December 18, medicine and chemical industry association of chongqing second cup "fellowship" worker end of basketball game, after the game, chongqing fook group worker basketball team with the support of the leadership of the company has made outstanding achievements, won the second annual "fellowship cup" worker came second in the basketball match. At the same time our captain ChiHongGuo won the tournament MVP award. And our basketball baby is in the contest of feather boas performance won the first place.

   Our basketball players, basketball babies in the team full of challenge and joy of the game brought the quoting our employees unity, forge ahead, a positive mental attitude. For each to the leadership in the audience left a deep influence. Fight shoulder to shoulder in the league, we brothers and sisters are not afraid of hard work, no matter or sub big players, both players and cheerleaders will to fook and passion for basketball to an extreme, these energies together played amazing, powerful man outplayed other make us proud of having the last laugh.

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