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The fourth tug-of-war activities reported 2011 chongqing mastery in pharmaceutic

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To enrich employees' life style, adjust the physical and mental health of employees, enhance physical fitness. Create a harmonious enterprise culture atmosphere, increase staff cohesion and centripetal force and unite the cooperation spirit. On April 29 in the afternoon, my company's trade union organization staff to carry out the "unity is strength" of the fourth tug of war.
Covers all divisions of the company, this match is divided into eight for the game, a total of 120 people participating in a tug-of-war, the race to take two three games in the knockout, every team in the trade union chairman actively coordinated and orderly.
Atmosphere at the scene of the tug of war, unusually lively, players hold fast to the hands of the rope, rope down, lower center of gravity, as the referee a whistle, the players on the pitch working together to pull back, reflect ?

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