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Remember the winner miscellaneous publication cover fook Jiang Chen pharmaceutic

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    Mastery in pharmaceutical industry, managing Jiang Chen, meter of eight height, possessing an acute. After 70, was born in sichuan province, graduated from east China university of science and technology of chemical pharmaceutical professional undergraduate course. Worked in sichuan institute of antibiotics for a decade, for future drug development and drug development direction, has a profound accumulation and accumulation. In sichuan and resistance, he presided over the development of some new drug products, is the domestic first, is very influential in the market today.
He entered the mastery in pharmaceutical industry, 2006 to complete mastery in listed just five years. This five years, he first to complete the transformation of self, from technology to management of change. For the enterprise standard operation, from a financial, to management, production and management, etc., are in strict accordance with the standard of the listed company requirements. Do solid work, there isn't

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