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In the first quarter of 2012 working summary meeting successfully concluded

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April 19 to 20, 2012, chongqing fook pharmaceutical group co., LTD. In the first quarter of 2012 work review meeting held at holiday inn east landscape in chongqing, mastery in pharmaceutical company management leadership and all the middle-level cadres to participate in the meeting, group chairman Wang Tianxiang Jiang Chen on-the-spot guidance, general manager.
During the meeting, each workshop, department head quarter capacity, power consumption, pilot, security, environmental protection, raw materials procurement, product sales, human resources and management costs, and so on and so forth on the report, the summary, for the next quarter made arrangements to work plan.
In the first quarter, the company in the New Year's day, Spring Festival holiday, people periodic flow (at the beginning of each year are the peak period of employee turnover industry), raw material prices, such as Spring Festival transportation logistics lag disadvantage for ?

    Company deputy general manager HongRongChuan pointed out that this quarter highlights a lot of work, such as product quantity to follow up quickly, technological transformation has made phased achievements, etc., but also a lot of problems. He pointed out that in the next work, in view of the existing problems, and to speed up the pace of technological innovation, new products to the productivity and new growth point as soon as possible; Strengthening the management of human resources and speed up progress of talent training; Increase security law enforcement; Strengthen product cross safety risk assessment; Further study of the new GMP; Increase the intensity of equipment improvement and management to promote, enhance certification ability; Environmental protection work to keep up with the rhythm of the production and management company, strengthening the management of the waste materials; Strictly control the purchasing cost and power cost. For this purpose, the company to further clarify the work mentalit

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