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  1, the number of technical staff drug development
  Male, 20-35 years old, bachelor degree or above, medicinal chemistry and other related professionals. Able for drug development and analysis; can be hard, requiring a strong sense of responsibility and a serious and responsible attitude, to obey the distribution, with a team spirit; there is more than one year chemical and pharmaceutical bulk drugs business-related R & D work experience is preferred .
  2, raw material drug sales personnel 3
  Male or female, college education, English language requirements six, marketing and other related professionals, sociable, hard working, able to cater to the relevant back office transaction work. 2 years relevant work experience is preferred.
  3, quality control personnel 5
  Male, 25-45 years old, college degree or above, pharmacy and analysis of relevant professional. Year related companies / relevant professional experience; requires English have a certain strength, with a strong practical ability and the ability to analyze problems; familiar with HPLC, GC, IR, UV and other equipment analytical and microbiological analysis personnel priority.
  4, a security officer who
  Male ,28-50 years old, college educated, safety-related professional, familiar with chemical enterprise security affairs management, more than 3 years working experience in business-related management; mainly engaged in corporate security, fire and other management; implement security-related policies, laws and regulations , operational procedures and related training; establish security systems, organizational security checks.
  5, environmental protection officer a person
  Male or female, college education, environmental protection and other related professions, there are more than one year of relevant work experience is preferred.
  6, workshop technicians 10 people
  Male, undergraduate education, pharmacy, chemical and pharmaceutical related. Can be hard, requires a strong sense of responsibility and a serious and responsible work attitude. Can be hard, subject to distribution, with a team spirit; familiar with equipment maintenance and chemical enterprise managers preferred.
  7, a number of operatives
  Male, 20-40 years old, high school and higher education. Industrious practical, serious and responsible, healthy, there are fine chemical raw material medicine or work experience is preferred.
  8, a number of operatives
  Male or female, fresh graduates, chemical or pharmaceutical institutions related graduate, school performance outstanding, outstanding, hard working, subject to the company allocated. The school recommended preference.
  9, electrician 2
  Male, 25-40 years old, secondary or technical school or higher education, holding electrician license, 3 years experience in electrical maintenance work. Familiar with electrical maintenance and installation and can operate independently.
  10, machine repair fitter 2 people
  Male, 25-45 years old, junior high school or higher education, fitter than 5 years work experience. Independently repair pumps, cycloid reducer, centrifuges and other equipment operation; able newly installed conventional pharmaceutical equipment; able to make simple tools and instruments and so on.
  11, welding work 2
  Male ,22-45 years old, junior high school or higher education, three years of work experience welders. 316L side welding thin-walled tube, double-sided molding; able to repair, installation simple device; able to make simple tools and instruments and so on.
  12, head of a General Services Administration
  Male, 25-45 years old, college degree or above. Relevant management expertise, the company responsible for general administration / logistics / hostel canteen business and management; Have good communication, organization and coordination and planning implementation capacity, proficiency in office facilities. There are more than 5 years working experience in related administrative priority.
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