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Fu'an declaration     

Each of our medicines is about one's health and the fate of one's family    

We walk on the road with concentration, professionalism and concentration    We are self disciplined, hardworking and responsible    Take safety as a blessing and prosper      

Our mission and pursuit    

Win trust and dignity for happiness and health     

Our spirit    Focus on hard work, self discipline and responsibility    

 Our attitude    Create our pursuit in a professional way    

 Our business philosophy    People oriented, science and technology first, innovation as soul, pursuit of excellence     R & D policy    Production generation development generation pre research generation reserve generation     quality policy    Customer first, scientific management, continuous improvement system, quality first     Production policy    Safety first, quality first, efficiency first, cost control scientific improvement     About the market and customers    Our efforts are to win the trust and respect of more people    

 Our view of interests    Shareholders' interests are the premise of a company's existence, employees' interests are the cornerstone of enterprise development, and social interests are the conscience of an enterprise.     

Our view on Talents    We do not exclude the best talents, but we pay more attention to the degree of agreement between the two sides. Loyalty is a flag we always carry on our shoulders. Hard work determines the size of your feet. The weight of responsibility depends on the ability you can carry, and nothing else.

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