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  Notice of upcoming blockbuster products

  Nebivolol hydrochloride tablets (Qingkai )
  ● best third-generation β-blockers, hypertension, an ideal choice for patients with heart failure
  ● ultra-β1 receptor selective for respiratory and peripheral vascular almost no effect, greatly reducing the probability of occurrence of respiratory spasms
  ● unique role in promoting endothelial NO release, vasodilator antihypertensive without affecting male sexual function
  ● Leading imitation, 3-year monitoring period, advance to seize the market
  Tolvaptan tablets (Granada Ping )
  ● FDA only approved type of long-acting oral AVP receptor antagonists
  ● Power Eraser free water, electrolyte excretion had no effect on the prevention and correction of hyponatremia strong diuretic
  ● Widely used in neurology, surgery, oncology, cardiac, endocrine, digestive, liver and other departments
  ● China's first imitation, 5-year monitoring period, leading to seize the market
  Imatinib tablets / capsules
  ● Fujian, Xinjiang and other places Medicare varieties
  ● The first listing of tyrosine kinase inhibitors
  ● unique molecular targeting mechanism, creating a new era in the treatment of CML
  ● small manufacturers, huge profit margins
  Lansoprazole Injection
  ● national health insurance varieties
  ● The second generation of proton pump inhibitors, potent, long-lasting inhibition of gastric acid secretion
  ● hemostasis quickly, a significant effect on ulcerative bleeding
  ● small manufacturers, huge profit margins
  Oxiracetam capsules
  ● Tianjin, Hunan and other places Medicare varieties
  ● Hospital, the largest amount of anti-dementia drug types
  ● Suitable for dementia and other brain dysfunction and significantly enhance memory and protect brain cells
  ● small manufacturers, huge profit margins

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