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We believe in that every grain of drug makes a significant influence on everyone’s health and every family’s fate.

We develop with concentrated, professional and devotional attitude.

We are disciplined, hard-working and responsible.

To treat well-being as happiness, to do well in happiness.


Our mission and pursue:

To obtain trust and dignity for well-being and happiness .


Our spirit:
Concentration, devotion, working-hard and responsibility.


Our attitude:

Achieve our pursuit professionally.


Our management philosophy:

People as basis, Science as forerunner, innovation is soul,. Pursue excellence


Research and development policy:

Manufacture one generation, develop one generation, advanced research one generation, store on generation.
Quality policy

Customer orientation, scientific management, continuous improvement, system assurance, quality first


Manufacture policy
Safety foremost, quality as the root, efficiency first, control cost, improve scientifically


Market and client
We strive for obtaining more trust and respect.


View of interest

Interests of stockholder are the premise of company’s existence; interests of staff are footstone of company’s development; interests of society are conscience of company.


View of talent

Not reject the best talents, but prefer to fitness on both sides; loyalty is the flag we hold throughout, working-hard determine the size of your progress, the responsibility you take depends on your ability, not on others.

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