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On February 5, 2010, chongqing mastery in pharmaceutical industry (group) co., L

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    Taurus quit old thousand, jade tiger orientation than spring. On February 5, of the coming of the Spring Festival in 2010, fook group company in chongqing liangjiang landscape hotel for the group employees and their families in a visual feast of literature and art joint performance of the Spring Festival mass and workers. Group chairman of the board of directors of the company Wang Tianxiang, fook pharmaceutical general manager Jiang Chen, executives HongRongChuan, Zhou Xudong, Guo Ziwei Feng Jing, Yu Xuesong; Bad memory.didn Huang Tao, general manager, senior executives Wei Genghu, Zhang Jingfang, study on modern hotel groups; The ritual Chen Xiaoyong bond company general manager, senior executives Li Peijie, Feng Xiumei; Biological Huang Kaihua etc, the general manager of our company and the broad masses of workers and their families more than 600 people gathered to, to celebrate the New Year.

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