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Reluctant to part with the Harvest Year and Celebrate the Prosperous Spring

Update time:2020-01-20 14:35:59      Views:4839

The year of 2019 has passed and the year of 2020 is coming to us.

On January 17, the group company's 2020 New Year reunion was held ceremoniously. More than 500 cadres and employees, including qingyutang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Libang Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd., biological products Co., Ltd. and Kester Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., were gathered together. In the speech of Mr. Luo Kaiwei, general manager of qingyutang, the group worship ceremony opened to share the fruits and enjoy the party.

Struggle is a spirit of hard work, a posture of courage, a sense of bravery and responsibility, and a persistence of never say die. On the road of development of Fu'an, there are always a group of people who are full of passion and devotion, who walk with Fu'an in the pursuit of coexistence and common prosperity. They have forged a new and shining day of Fu'an with wisdom and sweat. Their hard work and enterprising will create a better tomorrow.

The excellent Fuan people are not only the "super star" in the workplace, but also the superstar on the stage, bringing a visual feast for the grand ceremony of the day. The program of this annual meeting is so wonderful that people can't deal with it. Every program has received warm applause and cheers.

The raffle in the middle of the annual meeting ignited the whole venue. With the extraction of prizes at different levels, the atmosphere of the party reached a climax.

Meet the future, meet a better self, 2020 opens the beginning of another journey of Fu'an pharmaceutical industry.

The spirit of positive optimism and never give up is our agreement with the times; the pursuit of high standards and continuous improvement of professional ability and product quality is our constant original intention. For our dreams and goals, we will go all out to embrace our best era!

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