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More galloway injection

Product advantages
1, exclusive specifications
2, antiviral spectrum is wide, one of the most broad spectrum against DNA virus drugs at present
3, antiviral activity is superior to other domestic drugs already on the market, especially for CMV, etc have special effects
4, action quick, durable, not easy, drug resistance is better than that of acyclovir

Product Manual

Drug name 】 【
Common name: ganciclovir galloway injection
Name of commodity: the west tong
English name: Ganciclovir Injection
Chinese pinyin: Gengxiluowei Zhusheye
"Into a"
This article main ingredients for more yesterday, respectively.there accessories for sodium hydroxide.
Its chemical name is: 9 - (1, 3 - dihydroxy methyl - 2 - c oxygen) - guanine.
Its formula is:
Molecular formula: C9H13N5O4
Molecular weight: 255.23
【 sex form 】
This product is colorless transparent liquid.
【 adapt to disease.
Used for the prevention and treatment of life-threatening or visual cytomegalovirus infection of immunocompromised patients, and to prevent associated with cytomegalovirus infection in organ transplant patients.
】 【 rules grid
(1) 2 ml: 50 mg, (2) 5 ml: 0.15 g, (3) 10 ml: 0.25 g
【 usage and dosage 】
Slow intravenous drip. Infusion concentration may not